Companions of the Prophet

Day 1

Amman Airport – Amman

Meet and assist at Amman Airport, transfer to hotel in Amman for dinner and overnight.

Day 2

Amman – Jordan Valley – Dead Sea – Amman

After breakfast, you will have a full day visit to tombs (Maqamat) of (Abu Ubaydah Amer bin Al-Jarrah / Muath bin Jabal / Shurahbil bin Hasnah / Amer bin Abi Waqqas / Dirrar bin Al-Azwar) at the Jordan Valley. You will also visit the cave of Prophet Lot (PBUH). Lunch, dinner & overnight at Dead Sea Lagoon resort.

Day 3

Amman – Madaba – Mount Nebo – Kerak

After breakfast, you will depart to Madaba and Mount Nebo (the site where Prophet Yahiya (PBUH) died) and where Prophet Moses (PBUH) stood and viewed the Holy Land, then visit the tomb (Maqam) of the companion Abu Dharr Al-Ghafari. Lunch will be at the Dead Sea. After lunch we will head towards Kerak where you will visit the Shrine of Prophet Noah (Nuh) (PBUH). Check in your hotel in Kerak for overnight.

Nebo 1

Day 4

Kerak – Al-Mazar – Mutah – Amman

After breakfast, you will head to Al-Mazar Al Shamali where you will visit the Shrine of Prophet Dawud (PBUH) and the tombs (Maqamat) of Jaafar bin Abi Taleb / Zaid bin Haritha / Abdullah bin Rawahah, all who were martyred in the battle of Mutah. The most significant and fiercest battle fought during Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) lifetime was the Battle of Mutah (629 AD). It took the lives of his closest companions, martyred fighting against a combined Byzantine/Ghassanid army. You can visit the tombs of the venerable companions Zaid bin Harithah, Ja’far bin Abi Talib and Abdullah bin Ruwahah in the town of Al-Mazar Al-Janubi, near Karak. Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) adopted son, the venerable companion Zaid bin Harithah led the Muslim army during the Battle of Mutah. Zaid is the only companion mentioned in the Holy Qur’an by name.
Then you will continue to visit the Shrine of Prophet Sulayman (PBUH) in Sarfah (a city near Kerak). Lunch will be in a local restaurant in Kerak. Then you will return to Amman for overnight.

Day 5

Amman – Jerash – Irbid – Umm Qais – Amman

After breakfast, you will be visiting the northern Islamic part of Jordan. In Jerash is the Shrine of Prophet HUD (PBUH), and is also the city where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) passed during the time her worked for (Khadija). Lunch will be at a local restaurant in Jerash. Then you will head to Irbid where you’ll visit the tomb (Maqam) the companion Abu Al Dardaa, then return to your hotel in Amman for Overnight.

Um Qais

Day 6

Amman – Amman Queen Alia International Airport

After breakfast, pick up from your hotel and transfer to Amman Queen Alia International Airport for your flight departure to your home country carrying your diary of unforgettable memories.