Rush of Adrenalin in the Emirates

You will be surprised by the profusion in options of adventure sports in UAE.

With endless stolid and towering structures adorning the skyline, Dubai it is a highly adventurous city in reality.

There are numerous choices for adventure sports & Activities:

Skydive over one of the most breathetaking views in the world, try your hand at sand skiing, or, simply venture out for some driving in the desert sands.

Don`t miss UAE`s perfect waters for diving, surfing, canoeing, the thrill of adventure sport will be incomplete without cycling or gallopping Horses and Camels.

Put yourself in the race, take on the most challenging F1 courses and see what a Ferrari-charged adrenaline kick feels like at 240 km/hr at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi.

Breathe the nature by Trekking in Hatta Mountains, experience what you have never experienced with Adonis Tourism!.


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