Nowadays (2021), Adonis Travel & Tourism has reached 40 years of success in tourism world, that was established in 1981  by professor Ghassan Idris; an expert in this field. It has expanded over the years to have offices in half a dozen countries with main branches in Jordan, Syria & Lebanon. The company was launched in the Gulf in 2005 from Muscat, Oman by Marwan G. Idris Junior who represents the third generation of Adonis Travel & Tourism.


Adonis Company guarantees all safety procedures to clients all the way until they get back to their home land. The clients will be provided by the highest quality of services, a top-notch, no hassle vacation at great prices with impeccable services from the time they contact the company.


Adonis Company products are based on trust and multi-national clients’ satisfaction with various needs by organizing life time trips taking care of the little details making difference between ordinary vacations and extra ordinary experiences. Adonis Company has innovated services in what was later called MICE and INCENTIVE. By presenting various programs that show the most important cultural, social activities and the arts (music, dance, and traditional crafts) with pleasure, it introduces to tourists the details and beauty of each destination.


One of the top priorities of the company in each destination is to keep the sustainable development of locals by implementing them in the programs and showing the tourists of their marvelous essence.  In addition, the company carefully selects partners including hotels, camps and restaurants to give tourists the best possible services everywhere. Youths find the company an ideal environment for training at the highest level.

Adonis Company staff is multi-national and committed to welcome each clients and provide the best possible time on vacation. With an uncompromising dedication to authenticity and exceptional services.

To visit Jordan means special aesthetics to a newly established country with the oldest civilizations in history. Jordan is keen to develop the tourism product and innovate everything that is modern in tourism, from fancy camps in the desert to means of exploration by hot balloon tours and helicopters and creating artistic activities dazzling tourists.

Jordan means a stunning destination in the world with unparalleled wonders like Petra (one of the world wonders), Bethany (where Jesus was baptized), Wadi Rum (a trip to Mars on earth) and Dead Sea (the lowest point on earth). Simply, Jordan is the warmth of sun, intimacy of Bedouins and magic of Mars. 

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