Our History

Adonis Travel & Tourism was established in the MENA Region in 1981 by Mr. Ghassan IDRIS as an independent, 100% private Tour Operator. At start-up, 10 former work colleagues embarked with him on his journey to become after three decades in 2010 around 500 permanent employees based at the head office and in 8 other locations all over the world, providing multi-lingual, professional services to our continuously growing number of correspondents and clients worldwide.

Our work, our passion

We are passionate about our work and every day is a new challenge where we aim to reach the highest levels of performance and thus keep our clients satisfied and eager to come back.

We treat every single request as if it was the only one and we work closely with our clients by focusing on :

  • Creating Personalized itineraries and capturing the spirit of the trip: our production department will help the client by setting-up the itinerary, suggesting a choice of hotels, special events or a whole range of creative activities in accordance with the spirit of the planned journey (cultural, archaeological, religious, etc) .
  • Hotel reservations: we optimize hotel reservations by taking allotments for serial itineraries and guaranteed departure programs. With the large number of reservations yearly and with on-time payments, we ensure the best rates for hotels (which represents 40 to 50% of the final price). Our system allows us to track and check daily on our clients, which adds to customer care and improves quality.
  • Controlling cost of Transportation: while we cannot exclude technical failure of vehicles, we have optimized the service of transportation by creating our own transportation company. The close, interactive cooperation between our Operation Department and our Transportation Company ensures effectiveness in the rotation of the buses and takes into consideration the necessary time for regular maintenance. By choosing the vehicles according to the number of participants, choosing the most adapted roads, travel time and emission of carbon dioxides are limited. Our drivers are subjected to strict code of conduct: no-smoking inside the bus, punctuality, politeness and assistance to clients are the four basic rules to be applied at all times and by everyone.

Our Structure

In order to optimize work and daily operations, our inbound office is composed of several departments.

Production Department

The Production department is divided into 2 sections: Group Department and Individual Department. Where the group department handles incoming requests for leisure and incentive groups, the Individual department handles individual reservations on the guaranteed departures as well as the personalized trips for individuals.

Reservation Department

This department is divided into 3 sections: Reservations for groups, Reservations for “a la carte” travelers and Reservations of allotments for Guaranteed Departures. Thanks to the highly effective collaboration between the 3 sections of the department, we are able to ensure the best prices and conditions for our clients and manage more efficiently our relation with all types of hotels and restaurants all over the country.

Operation Department

This department is also divided into 3 sections: Handling of groups, handling of arrivals on guaranteed departures and handling of “a la carte” travelers. These departments work around the clock ensuring all necessary administrative formalities are taken, arrivals and departures, appointing guides, all of this while remaining in contact with the guides and clients at all times throughout the journey. This department also ensures that medical assistance is provided when needed.

Quality Control

This department is in charge of quality and control checking up with the guides and the clients to make sure everything is running smoothly and noting any comments that need to be mentioned about the means of transportation, hotels or any other service. This department follows-up on two main essentials: the clients feedback or any complaints and the tracking of lost items.


The accounting department is also divided into 2 sections: Accounting for groups and accounting for Individual travelers. The accounting department issues the invoices prior to clients’ arrival in order to ensure prepaid services which allows us to maintain optimal relations with local service providers by on-time payments.

Social Responsibilities

As a private, international company dealing with international clients, we believe we can only succeed through the well-being of all our employees; a healthy work environment, guaranteed social security, respect of privacy and occasional invitations will give them the comfort and the confidence needed to perform their assigned duties and develop their social and environmental responsibility.

By acting and showing social and environmental involvement, we encourage our employees to act in that manner.

Our Principles

Commitment to Excellence: Each member of our team strives to provide the very best service over and over again
Customer care: The client is king and his needs are our first concern
Reliability: Proving to be a trustworthy partner under all circumstances
Team spirit: We favor healthy competition between our multi-cultural staff leading to creativity, proactive thinking and innovative solutions
Communication: We create the opportunity for our employees to share their point of view and to grow within the company

Development of our company

Adonis Travel & Tourism is a wholesale Tour Operator embedded within a strong eastern tradition, owned and directed by Mr. Ghassan IDRIS whom graduated from L’Institut Superieur de Tourisme of Tangiers in 1971.

After his studies, having gathered a diverse experience in the field of tourism abroad, and drawn by his Levantine roots Mr. Ghassan IDRIS returned to Syria and worked as Managing Director of KARNAK TOURS INTERNATIONAL. As the tourism sector in Syria was still at that time poorly developed, Mr. Ghassan IDRIS co-founded the Hotel & Tourism Training Center in Damascus (Doumar) in 1980. Many of his students have taken up key positions in tourism not only in Syria , Jordan, Lebanon, Yemen, Libya but worldwide.

Our company renders services to over 950 loyal correspondents and deals as well with private clients, mainly from the European and Asian continent. We offer our clients a guaranteed departure program (in several languages), though our main line of business relies on preparing personalized itineraries with the best value for money. Our multi-lingual professional staff strives to attend to each client’s needs as we try to set up a personalized most convenient itinerary in accordance with their point of interest and budget.

We introduce our destinations such as they are: away from mass tourism and by underlining historical wealth, cultural diversity and beauty of the natural environment.

Our Goal

Excellence is our aim and the impossible should become possible.

We keep ourselves open to :

  • New ideas
  • New technology
  • Any other innovations

And we :

  • Strive to be positive under all circumstances
  • Respect each other, and treat the other the same way you want to be treated
  • Always expect the unexpected

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