Our Values

It’s because our mind goes far beyond a regular tourism agency that we engage ourselves in a listening, sharing and solidarity policy. Each day, we support many projects helping those of us who are the most in need, taking also into account the ecological issues. Thus, we are carrying out several projects in order to create a sustainable and responsible tourism. In putting together all our efforts, we contribute to reduce inequalities and make a better world for tomorrow.


We guarantee the best services to our clients in ensuring security, comfort and professionalism during their stay, while also protecting their personal data. Besides, we provide decent and fair working conditions to all our partners so our profession can participate in the social development and guarantee the respect of the human rights.


Since 1980, Adonis engages itself in integrating social, corporate, environmental, and educational responsibility (CSR) to its corporate culture. Noticing a social and economic need in the region, Mr. Ghassan Idris created the education center of hospitality and tourism in Damas, and one year after, Adonis was born! Many of its students have participated to the success and development of the Adonis […]

Our Values

To ensure the respect of the local law in terms of wages, taxation and security.
To ensure the respect of existing safety standards in the transports used.
To respect our clients’ personal data by preserving their confidentiality.
To propose arrangements without additional charges in case of exceptional and inevitable circumstances occurring in the destination […]

Responsible Tourism : Replanting of the Cedar Forest in Lebanon

In partnership with Youssef Tawek, our travellers can participate in preserving the Lebanon Cedars forest, now thriving for thousands of years. By replanting cedars, they will grow to create a new forest carrying a commemorative plaque in the name of the group and will be maintained by the Comity of the Environmental Protection of Bsharri. […]

Mon Liban d’Azur

We are very proud of being partner of the Franco-Lebanese charitable organization Mon Liban d’Azur, working on connecting Lebanon with the French Riviera through many cultural, educational and humanitarian actions. In October 2019, we took in charge the travel of the French delegation of the association Mon Liban d’Azur in Beyrouth for the launch of […]

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