United Arab Emirates

Dubai is often regarded as the city that is just one huge mall… But there exists a delicate balance between old and new Dubai, this results in a mix of many different things to do. You can spend your day relaxing on Jumeirah beach and go skiing in the afternoon at Ski Dubai. You could also take a trip around old Dubai and the traditional gold and spices souk before going to the contemporary Dubai Mall to get your hands on basically whatever you need.
Neighboring Dubai you have another emirate that represents the modernity of the UAE: Abu Dhabi. The capital of the UAE welcomes you to the place where nothing stands still, known for having the world’s largest hand-loomed carpet, the highest high tea, and the fastest roller coaster. In what seems to be a trend in most of the UAE, Abu Dhabi manages to balance luxury and culture very well, in between Ferrari World and all the 5* hotels, you can pass by the Louvre (Abu Dhabi) which exhibits amazing contemporary art, or go to the old city and witness the tradition of the UAE.  

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