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43 years by your side


Years of Existing
Since 1981 From Humble Beginnings

Our story commences in a humble office, ignited by the boundless vision of Professor Ghassan Idris, a luminary in our realm. His fervent dream: to unveil the splendors of Jordan to the world. With each passing year, our footprint expands, yet our unwavering commitment endures – to craft unparalleled travel adventures that epitomize the essence of Jordan's magnificence.

Journey Beyond Boundaries

Story of Success together.

Rising from Passion

From modest beginnings to soaring heights, our story is a testament to passion, perseverance, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Join us as we continue to champion authenticity, elevate experiences, and invite the world to discover the unparalleled beauty of Jordan.


From Humble Beginnings

Prof. Ghassan Idris's dream: introducing the world to Jordan's wonders.


Building a Legacy

From remote corners to hidden gems, we unveil Jordan's hidden treasures



Shaping hiring practices to reflect our commitment and strategy



Jordan emerges as a premier MICE destination, surpassing rivals

Adonis Over Years

Founded on a deep love for Jordan’s heritage, Adonis Travel and Tourism has grown from a passionate local operator into a trusted name in travel. Our team, a blend of seasoned guides and travel experts, is dedicated to showing you the true spirit of Jordan.

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